LLM from Abroad

Why Study LLM Abroad?

Pursuing a Master of Law (LLM) abroad allows candidates an opportunity to develop a range of skills and explore many aspects of human life. Graduates looking to study LLM are required to have completed their LLB and are advised to have a good understanding of the law to pursue further studies. Studying master of law (LLM) abroad would allow students a chance to sharpen their minds, strengthen their understanding and deepen their experience across a full range of humanities and social sciences. Law graduates acquire both breadths of understanding and depth in the areas that interest them the most.


Indian students who are planning to study abroad would be required to have an LLB degree to pursue LLM abroad


Here are a few reasons why you may consider pursuing LLM from abroad:

·        Overseas universities have much better access to reputable firms than Indian universities and therefore offer better opportunities to achieve higher goals.

·        Studying LLM abroad gives you the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of people through friends and professionals. 

·        Studying LLM abroad can help candidates develop a new set of skills that is sure to help them in the future. Moving to a new country makes you more independent and helps you in indulging in newer activities.

·        Studying LLM abroad would be a respectable upgrade to your CV. It also helps increase your chances of being associated with an international firm and finding jobs that will give you better financial security.


LLM Abroad Eligibility and Requirement

Although each country will have its own set of rules and procedures for international students who want to pursue LLM abroad, in this section we will discuss general guidelines about eligibility and requirements for Indian students who want to pursue LLM abroad among the top overseas countries.

Academic Requirements

Candidates who want to study LLM Abroad should ideally be holding a Bachelor of Law or LLB degree with a minimum GPA of 6 to apply to any law schools.


Work Experience Requirements

Overseas universities place greater emphasis on work experience or volunteers in the relevant field. Ideally, you should have 2 years of relevant practical knowledge. This may include research projects. This experience does not have to be in the legal industry. However, Many universities or colleges do not require such work experience or research experience.



LLM Abroad: Application Requirements

Since the application would be for pursuing LLM abroad, the requirements could vary depending on the university or college. We have provided general application requirements (but not limited to) for your LLM abroad application process.

·        Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university

·        Portfolio of past work experiences (optional)

·        IELTS or TOEFL (depending on the country)

·        GMAT/GRE

·        Statement of Purpose

·        Letter of Recommendation

·        Resume (CV)



Popular Destinations for LLM Abroad 

Students who want to study LLM abroad will want nothing but the best for them. There are a few factors that make any country a popular study-abroad destination among Indian students. The cost of studying, living expenses, university ranking and strong educational curriculum are among the key factors that help make the destination popular among the Indian diaspora. Some of the most popular countries considered best for studying LLM abroad are the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.


Jobs and Career Opportunities

Candidates studying their LLM would be eager to know about the jobs and career opportunities. Here are a few career options after LLM abroad, a candidate can look to become a,

1.    Counsel in Law Firms

2.    Researcher

3.    Academician

4.    Court Administrator

5.    Legal Consultant

6.    In house counsel etc.


Scholarship for Indian Students

One of the challenges of studying abroad is the high cost of tuition and living costs that a student incurs when deciding to study abroad. However, candidates who are interested in studying abroad can make their dreams come true by exploring many scholarships available university wise and country wise.

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